About Bella and Marty Wolf

Jewish Leaders of the past are often referred to as Sages. While the literal meaning of Sage means a wise person, as Marty Wolf used to say, it is also an acronym – SAGE = Set A Good Example. By that definition, Bella and Marty were true SAGEs in everything that they did. They lived their everyday lives as the examples that they wanted their children to emulate and that would inspire their friends. They were always the first to help out, whether through volunteer leadership in their shuls and kids’ schools, or simply doing favors for friends and neighbors.

Bella, a woman of great faith, who battled cancer 4 times, was known to talk with other cancer patients to provide them with the Chizuk they needed to battle that dreadful disease. Even in the waning months of her life, she would help her neighboring patients by providing advice and information about Kosher food and shabbos hospitality arrangements – including sharing her last Pesach seder in the hospital with another family. There was never a moment that her faith wavered, even as she fought her final battle. Her emunah and bitachon, inspired others to come closer to Hashem.

Marty was no different. Born with a congenital heart disease, he underwent an experimental open heart surgery as a young man in 1960. (His surgery was so experimental, that it later became a case study in medical journals). He lived every day of his life as it was a gift from Hashem. He was also a man of great moral character, and truly believed that honesty was the best policy. His colleagues and clients were impressed with the level of integrity and honesty he conducted himself with when leasing real-estate. He treated everyone he met with respect, this endeared him to not only his bosses and his tenants, but to everyone of his colleagues from the C-suite to the maintenance staff. His emunah and bitachon rivaled that of his wife’s, and he was fortunate to meet several ba’alei teshuva that he himself had inspired.

In order to honor Bella and Marty, their children have organized this auction to benefit OU-JLIC – a program befitting their legacy. The OU-JLIC program brings speakers and scholars to Brooklyn College Hillel to educate and inspire students of all backgrounds – not much different in the way that Marty and Bella inspired and educated others as well. OU-JLIC is special to the Wolf Family. Not only because Bella and 3 of her children are alumni of Brooklyn College, but OU-JLIC was instrumental in bringing together their son Yussie and his wife Sara.

Thank you for partaking in this worthwhile charity in their honor.