About Us

Dear Friends, 

What an absolutely extraordinary year we have shared! From the moment we joined the OU-JLIC family at Brooklyn College last summer, we were filled with an uncontainable eagerness to serve this incredible community in the most remarkable way possible. Looking back, it’s astonishing to realize that we successfully organized and executed over 100 events in just two semesters. From our unforgettable weekly Friday night onegs/Seudah Shlishits to the enlightening Lunch & Learns, empowering women’s learning sessions, and uplifting Ladle of Inspiration events, our calendar was filled to the brim with engaging activities. And let’s not forget the Brunch & Learns, the thrilling March Madness, Ping Pong Tournament, the relaxed Grill & Chill, Shabbat hospitality, among countless others.
Throughout this unforgettable journey, we have been immensely fortunate to forge deep and meaningful relationships with our students. Our home has become a welcoming haven, where they come to spend leisurely afternoons during long Shabbats, seek advice, share their joyous moments, and reaching out for support during challenging times. We feel incredibly lucky to have been embraced by a group of dedicated student leaders who wholeheartedly believe in OU-JLIC’s mission to provide an exhilarating and meaningful college experience. Together, we have successfully engaged and touched the lives of over 250 Jewish students at Brooklyn College, Kingsborough Community College, and throughout the broader Brooklyn area.
None of these achievements would have been possible without the unwavering support we have received from members of our community. Your continued belief in our mission is a driving force behind our ability to make a lasting impact on Jewish life at Brooklyn College and to inspire the next generation. We humbly request your ongoing support and partnership as we carry forward this vital work.


With heartfelt gratitude,

Rabbi Daniel and Marjorie Albert

Directors of OU-JLIC at Brooklyn College







To Our Beloved Alumni and Friends, 

We are thrilled to reflect upon a remarkable year filled with an array of captivating events, including Shabbat meals, delicious BBQs, fun paint night, and enriching Mommy and Me programs, to name just a few. Our commitment to your needs remains steadfast as we continue to provide comprehensive guidance on matters of halacha and hashkafa, addressing over 1500 questions this year alone.
It brings us great joy to have shared in numerous momentous occasions, such as celebrating engagements, weddings, and the blessed arrival of newborns and brises. We extend our gratitude for your unwavering support in ensuring the success of this auction, as well as your continuous contributions throughout the years. Your invaluable partnership guarantees that future generations of Brooklyn College students will experience the same extraordinary journey that you treasure.



With much appreciation,

Rabbi Reuven & Shira Boshnack *
* Director of OU-JLIC Brooklyn College Alumni