About Us

Dear Friends, 

We can’t believe another year flew by! It seems like it was only yesterday when we were planning our 6/13 auction, but unbelievably it is that time of the year again! This past semester, Brooklyn College reopened its doors to 70% capacity and it has been wonderful seeing our students, old and new. We have restarted so many of our beloved events again, including Winter Wonderland, Medical Careers Night, Cinema Shiur, Ladle of Inspiration, The Guy’s Shiur and LINK Lunch & Learn. We  also started some new programs like Cholent n Chill, Cinema in the Park, The Roaring 20’s and Women’s Health Night. Since some of our students have not yet returned to being  on campus at Brooklyn College, Shabbos is an integral part of our week. Students join us for Shabbos meals, onegs and Seudah Shlishit. It also enables students not in Brooklyn College to participate in our programs. For our alumni, we’ve had alumni BBQs, onegs, marriage workshops and young professional events, as well as our  Yamim Noraim Minyan.  We also have a WhatsApp chat where alumni can continue to ask their halachic questions to us post-college. For just Pesach alone, we received over 450 questions! In our 15th year, we are continuing to be mentors and friends to our community. We provide a place for spiritual development and exploration for Jewish students from various backgrounds. This past year, we have had over  100 events ranging from social to educational events, most in person, but some online, to meet the needs of our constituents.  We have also taken some exciting trips including two Shabbatonim to the Bach in Long Beach, paintball, and hiking. We also taught 50 Chasans and Kallahs, preparing them for their marriage. We hope you will join us on our mission, continuing to change the face of Jewish life in Brooklyn College and inspiring the next generation.

Rabbi Reuven and Shira Boshnack

Directors of OU-JLIC at Brooklyn College Hillel