Etch a Sketch

An Original 16×20 Ziegler Judaica Art Piece Donated by Ari and Rachel Ziegler *Total Etch a Sketch prize value not to exceed $640*

Hot Wheels

Bugaboo Ultra Compact Butterfly Travel Stroller Donated by Toby & Leba Sklar *Total Hot Wheels prize value not to exceed $450*

Wheel of Fortune

$200 T-Fusion Steakhouse Gift Card Donated by T-Fusion Steakhouse $200 Chop Chop Gift Card (Delivers to Brooklyn) Donated by Chop Chop $100 Subsational Gift Card Donated by Subsational $50 Patis Bakery Gift Card Donated by Avi and Ahava Greenberger $36 Very Juice Gift Card Donated by Very Juice


14-Inch Museum Quality Portrait $3000 Value Donated by Bradford Renaissance Portrait 


Apple Watch Series 8 Donated by Ezriel and Yocheved Strum *Total Tick-Tock-Toe prize value not to exceed $800 value*